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PAINO’s Annex Research Institute

PAINO’s annex research institute has been developing innovative and creative products through performing the task of Government’s R&D, and through verifying the theory and the test. Not being limited to the electrolytic technology, professionals, who are capable of researching material development and developing products, are endeavoring to have global technology for the enterprise.

  • SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte)
  • MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly)

As Astra-Paino Technology is the technology using inversely HYDROGEN FUEL CELL, This is sole technology in the world that simultaneously produces Hybrid Water and High concentration of Hydrogen Water as electrolysis for water.

PAINO has been researching hybrid water and its application as an Eco-Friendly solution for sterilization and hydrogen water and its application in the health, wellness, and beauty industries as a powerful antioxidant delivery medium.

Compared to other similar technologies, our Astra-Paino Technology is superior in regards to economical and technical efficiency. Our technology has been patented in Japan, USA, China, EU and South Korea. In addition, each specific application of our technology is also patented or patent-pending.

PAINO is devoted to providing innovative sanitation solutions and wellness-related technologies that can be applied worldwide in various areas such as the public, medical, and household sectors.

Possesses original patent in 9 countries including U.S., Japan, China, etc. / Patent details

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